Volume 50, Issue 2 Spring 2020   
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Literacy Council of Jackson County
P.O. Box 615
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 531-0166

Website: www.literacyjc.org
E-mail: literacy@juno.com

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• Bob Burger ----- Chair
• Liz Koester ----- Placement
• Bob Burger ----- Treasurer
• Bob Burger ----- Records
• Bob Burger ----- Secretary
• Bob Burger ----- Newsletter Editor
Notes from the Chair
Dear Volunteers and Friends,

Remember that classic 1950 film "The Day the Earth Stood Still?"  Well, WE'RE LIVING IT!  Fortunately, we still have electricity.  TV's, computers, and phones have become more essential than ever before.  Maintaining a tutor/student relationship can continue via online sessions, but that pales by comparison with in-person sessions.  We just have to be cautious for a little while longer.

This branch of the Literacy Council is still accepting applications for tutors and students.  Pairing them might be delayed until Covid-19 testing becomes commonplace.  Most of our volunteers are in the high-risk category, so we are not going to pressure anyone to take a leap into "normalcy."

I am looking forward to meeting people who would like to fill our board positions.  There is still demand for our services and we need caring people to help fulfill that need.  As conditions gradually improve, all of us will feel a sense of relief.  For now, enjoy your TV's, computers, and phones ... and, of course, books.

Be well.

Bob Burger

Photo of the Issue
This BUD's for you - Courtesy of Bob Burger

Other irRelevant Stuff

Time-Killing Puzzles

Here's a lesson in "copy and paste" so you can solve these puzzles with your Paint or Paintbrush program.

Position your mouse pointer over the puzzle and right-click (Windows) or hold down "Command" key and click (Apple).  A menu will appear with the word "copy" on it.  Position your mouse pointer on that word and left-click or select it.

Open your Paint or Paintbrush program and, while holding the "CTRL" or "Command" key, tap the letter "V" key.  The puzzle will appear and you can now draw on it.

For all I know, following my instructions might be puzzling enough.  ENJOY!