Volume 49, Issue 2 Summer 2019   
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• Bob Burger - Chair
• Liz Koester - Placement
• vacancy ----- Treasurer
• Bob Burger - Records
• vacancy ----- Secretary
• vacancy ----- Newsletter Editor
Notes from the Chair
Dear Volunteers and Friends,

Summer has arrived and it's vacation time for most students, but not for our dedicated tutors.

Welcome to new student Elizabeth Q. who is asking for our help to pass the GED examination.  Our placement officer, Liz Koester, assigned me to assist in the exam preparation.  Elizabeth has a wee bit of anxiety when it comes to taking tests.  Time for some confidence building.

A special thank you to volunteer Robert Shepard who joined our ranks a year ago at the age of 91!  He helped with some of our Spanish language materials in addition to tutoring.  Sadly, he felt forced to resign due to health issues.  The council hopes you get better quickly, Robert.

Also resigning from our ranks is Nancy Calcagno, who, for nearly a decade, served as a tutor, board member, and newsletter editor.  She redesigned our T.U.T.O.R.S. newsletter and also improved our company logo.  Thank you, Nancy, for your dedicated service.

We would appreciate it if our readers would spread the word about our program.  We are accepting both tutors and students.  Word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective and least expensive.  We would also love any cash donation to keep this branch of the Literacy Council viable.  Just saying.

Enjoy the summer fun and hot weather, but stay indoors on those smoky days.

Bob Burger

Success Story
Congratulations to Nancy Calcagno on her successful tutoring of her student Eric S.  Eric recently passed the final section of the GED exam and has now achieved his goal.

Eric studied earnestly with Nancy since September 2018.  Patience and determination by both tutor and student can have a rewarding conclusion.  Good job!

Other Relevant Stuff
Sample Diploma

Helping GED Students

Preparing an adult student to take the GED exam takes time and patience. Since Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science require good reading skills, that should be your primary concern.

Most of the Mathematics section involves word problems. Even if your students have no problem with basic math functions, can they translate words into correct action? I recommend that you begin your lessons with lots of reading comprehension assignments.

"TO BE" or not "TO BE"?

That title might be familiar to those Shakespeare fans out there, but this is a different question. This is about whether or not to use "to be" in contemporary English.

Example 1: My car needs to be washed.

Example 2: My car needs washed.

Although the second example gets the point across, is it correct grammar?

Well, maybe yes, maybe no. My word processing program finds both expressions acceptable. So if you want correct or want to be correct, the choice is yours.

Submitted by Bob Burger