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Dear Volunteers and Friends,

The Council is indeed fortunate to continue to serve the literacy needs of Jackson County.  We are looking forward to finding new ways to promote our services.  On September 16, we participated at the Volunteer Fair sponsored by the United Way.  You can also find some of our flyers at several local libraries.  If you would like to help promote our program by volunteering, making a donation, or if you have some suggestions, we would like to hear from you.

Our board welcomes Richard Dumanowski to the ranks of volunteer tutor.  He was recently interviewed and given a brief training session to prepare him for
his first student.  We hope to have him placed with a student soon.

We wish our Secretary, Ellie Scholz, well in her retirement from the Council.  Thank you, Ellie, for so many years of reliable service.  Our Board will miss your enthusiasm and dedication.  The Board honored her
with a dinner at the Silver Dragon restaurant.  I suppose one could say that she made a "tasty retreat."

Bob Burger



Match the book with the author (without using Google):

1. Angela's Ashes
2. The Old Man and the Sea
3. The Prince and the Pauper
4. The Long Winter
5. Pride and Prejudice
6. Robinson Crusoe
7. To Kill a Mockingbird
8. Gone with the Wind

a.) Harper Lee
b.) Daniel Defoe
c.) Mark Twain
d.) Jane Austen
e.) Ernest Hemingway
f.) Margaret Mitchell
g.) Frank McCourt
h.) Laura Ingalls Wilder







    Chair --------------------------------------------- Bob Burger
    Placement --------------------------------------- Liz Koester
    Treasurer --------------------------------- Nancy Calcagno
    Librarian ----------------------------------- Marilyn Wilbur
   Newsletter Editor -----------------------Nancy Calcagno



November................................................ 18th
December................................... No Meeting
January................................................... TBA

(These dates are subject to change)



We have some new to us items in our library, which is open to all our volunteers. There are two “Teach Yourself Visually” computer books, one is for Windows XP and the other is for Windows ’98.

We also have three new GED books. There are the good stand bys, Flash Cards. They are available for math, phonics, alphabet, shapes and colors, time and money and beginning sight words. There is also a picture dictionary that is very helpful.

Come by and see what we have and what will be useful for you and your student.

Marilyn Wilbur



advice (n) a recommendation
advise (v) to give a recommendation

affect (v) to influence
effect (n) a result

capital (n) money, seat of govt.
capitol (n) building
Capitol (n) building in Washington DC



In the last newsletter we announced our plans to start a training program designed to prepare individuals in crisis with Microsoft Office skills and tools to enter the job market in an expedient manner. Currently, we have finished two eight hour job training program classes with positive results.

The first class was teaching Microsoft Excel, which helped the student with job skills. The second class was teaching How to Write a Successful Résumé and Preparing for the Job Interview, in which our student is now currently employed.

We are in need of funds to support this program. If you would like to help support our project, all designated donations can be sent to the Literacy Council of Jackson County.


Her Story

After working closely with my husband John as missionaries in the Philippines and then as a pastor's wife in Oregon, his retirement led us to Medford. I viewed a film on TV about the difficulties in life when a person can't read, I decided to volunteer with a literacy program, using my training and experience as an elementary school teacher. My first student was a young Hispanic man who worked at a glass factory, but dreamed of opening his own business. He faithfully attended our sessions for a couple of years.

Later I attended a training session for tutors at a Presbyterian church, and started teaching a Hungarian lady from our church that wanted to learn English. She had been very isolated without English skills, but we both spoke some German, so I also received a refresher course in that language. I was able to use Literacy Council materials that helped her with grammar and vocabulary.

At that time, I was not using the computer very much and needed a reason to learn more about them. A very nice lady, a teacher who was on the Literacy Council Board, called me to take a position on the board as Secretary. I did so, thinking it would force me to learn the computer. They kindly put up with me as my skills and reports improved.

Since then, the Literacy Council has moved to two different locations, courtesy of Rogue Federal Credit Union and the Gordon Elwood Foundation. I did not tutor again until a friend of a couple that operates an Indian restaurant thought it would benefit the wife to know some English. She too was very isolated. The husband and wife agreed to tutoring; so John and I both tutored. We saw them improve in conversational English.

It was gratifying to see the Indian lady become a citizen and obtain her driver's license. Other students received their GED and learned job skills. There is also a sense of community in working with the Literacy Council toward a common goal. Many board members have given of their time and skills since I have been on the board, which I especially experienced with our present board.

Ellie Scholz

A note from the editor:

Ellie has been a joy to work with, a great secretary, and the Literacy Council will truly miss her. We wish her and John the best during their retirement.



Numbers for July - September 2011:

Volunteer Hours ------------------- 116.5
Student Hours ------------------------ 38

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